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Rennes France

Rennes, the capital city of Brittany, is soaked in history, culture and art. With cobblestone streets, lively squares and half-timbered houses, this French city will take you on a pleasant walk through time.

As Brittany's seat of culture, Rennes teems with museums, cultural centres and exhibitions. Les Champs Libres is a scientific and cultural hub that houses the Brittany Museum, the Science Centre and the library of Rennes Metropolitan District. Towering over the city, the Rennes cathedral is dedicated to Saint Peter. There have been a number of changes on this cathedral – both on the facade and the interiors. Recently, visitors have been allowed to admire the church's treasures, such as the 16th-century Flemish altarpiece.

Rennes boasts a thriving public transport system. You can get a free electronic pass if you wish to travel by metro or bus. With 15 metro stations, Rennes connects all the major sites in the city. The Anatole France Metro Station takes you to various neighbourhoods, hospitals and educational institutions, while other important stations like Charles de Gaulle Metro Station give you access to the Les Champs Libres. There are plenty of bike rentals and cycle lanes available for those who wish to explore the city independently. Although not the most convenient due to traffic, travelling by car is also an option that can be explored during your Rennes trip.


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