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Regensburg Germany

Situated on the confluence of the Danube and Regens rivers, the Bavarian city of Regensburg is one of Germany's most historical tourist destinations, renowned for its connections to the Roman Empire and its UNESCO-listed Old Town in the city centre area. Away from the centre, you'll see the city's industrial and technological advancements, providing a true reflection of 'modern Germany'.

Some of Regensburg's most famous attractions can be found in the Old Town – mainly the Domplatz Square and the 13th-century medieval cathedral that's one of Bavaria's finest Gothic churches. A scenic walk along the river-facing streets will take you to the city's iconic Stone Bridge dating back to the 12th century. Elsewhere, landmark buildings like the Old Town Hall, the Cornmarket and the Fragstadt offer more historical insight, while St. Emmeram's Abbey, the Scotts Monastery and the Museum of Bavarian History trace the evolution of German Christianity.

Things to do Once you've filled your belly with traditional German bratwurst at a local vendor and admired the frescoes of the Document Niedermünster, take a river cruise along the Danube to gain the best perspective of Regensburg's medieval architecture and stone bridges. Alternatively, journey 11 kilometres east to the Temple of German Fame built during the reign of Ludwig I to see a majestic monument surrounded by lush greenery.


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