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Rabat Morocco

Resting at the mouth of Bou Regreg River, the capital city of Morocco offers a captivating juxtaposition of land and water. You’ll find plenty of palm trees and ochre-hued historical structures lining your path as you travel around Rabat.

Every nook and cranny of this city reflects its deep-rooted culture and history. A walk around the walled medina (old town) of Rabat will transport you to the 17th century with its colourful souks, local eateries and beautiful architecture. Adjacent to the medina is the historical Kasbah of the Udayas, where you can admire the intricate details of its massive gate and the horseshoe arch of the doorways that will lead you to the mosque.

Rabat proves to be a good city break when travelling across Morocco, thanks to its eclectic mix of things to do. You can make your way to the 140-feet-tall Hassan Tower, an imposing minaret of an unfinished 12th-century mosque. You can also tour the Chellah – a medieval Berber necropolis – or walk amid exotic flowers and trees at the Andalusian Gardens. Stop by one of the local bazaars, overflowing with stalls to shop for spices, handicrafts, jewellery and souvenirs.


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