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Quito Ecuador

Quito, situated in the laps of the Andes, sits astride the equator and is the capital city of Ecuador. Owing to its location close to the equator, Quito is known to be the national capital closest to the sun.

The Old Town of Quito is the cultural storehouse of the Ecuadorian capital. Start your day by discovering the heart of the town, Plaza Grande, a centrally-located square. From here, you can walk to the Presidential Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral. A few blocks away is Saint Francis church, the oldest in Quito. The historic San Agustin, where Ecuador's Independence Act was signed, is also a place of interest. Gain insights into the history of the vibrant city of Quito from the City Museum, before heading to the Bolivar Theatre. A luxurious movie and performance place, this building has hosted the Beriozka Ballet of Russia and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra with Zubin Mehta and many others.

La Carolina Park in Quito is an urban space featuring botanical gardens, playgrounds, skateparks, a lake and numerous food stalls. Located at the heart of the city, this large area is ideal for an afternoon visit. Parque El Ejido is situated somewhat in the middle of the old side of the city and the modern one. There's a volleyball court at the spot along with slides and jungle gyms for kids. If you're here on a weekend, you might be able to catch the colourful handicraft exhibitions.


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