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Puerto Iguazu
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Puerto Iguazu Argentina

Located in northeast Argentina, Puerto Iguazú is a tourist city that borders the countries of Brazil and Paraguay. Teeming with waterfalls, flora and fauna, this city is a fine place for all those who wish to spend quality time in the laps of nature.

A Puerto Iguazú itinerary will invariably include a visit to the famous Iguazu Falls. Straddling the border of Brazil and Argentina, this waterfall system together is the largest in the world with a cluster of 275 cascades. To get a closer look, you can also take a boat trip up the Iguazu River. To explore more wonders of nature, head to the eco-tourist spot of La Aripuca, a house built from old tree trunks. Inside, you'll find displays that educate visitors on the traditional culture of the Guaraní people.

A trip to Puerto Iguazú is incomplete without a visit to Three Borders Landmark, a chief historical and important attraction of the city. This place marks the juncture of the three countries of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. At this landmark, you can also witness a number of cultural performances like the Minueto, a traditional dance, along with local music. Take some time out to visit the museum of Imágenes de la Selva for an understanding of regional culture through sculptures made by a Paraguayan artist. With wood carvings of animals, humans and life in the rainforest, this museum preserves the artistic and cultural heritage of the region.


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