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Pipa Brazil

The beach town of Pipa is one of Brazil’s most popular coastal destinations due to its pristine beaches, top-notch surf spots and wildlife-filled waters. It’s also a great place to enjoy fresh seafood or explore other natural wonders such as dunes and forests.

Pipa’s enchanting beaches are undoubtedly its biggest appeal, with a wide range of sandy shores to enjoy. The most popular beaches are Pipa Beach, Baía dos Golfinhos, Praia Do Amor, Praia das Minas and Madeiro Beach. Many are prime spots for surfing, with lessons on offer for all abilities and boards available to rent from local surf schools.

The allure of Pipa doesn't stop with its beaches. Head to Baía dos Golfinhos for a chance to spot playful dolphins leaping out of the water, or rent a kayak to get even closer to the aquatic mammals. At the Santuario Ecologico de Pipa, you can have close encounters with the likes of birds, monkeys and turtles that live at the privately-run nature reserve. If you travel north towards Natal, you can speed across the golden sands on a dune buggy tour. Around 45 minutes from Pipa is the Pringi do Norte, where you’ll find the world’s largest cashew tree, covering an area of around 8,000 square metres.


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