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Poznan Poland

Though Poznań may come across as an unassuming tourist destination in Poland, the city is dotted with multi-sport stadiums, remarkable museums and historical landmarks. Along with being the capital of the Wielkopolskie province, it is also home to some notable universities that contribute to the city’s youthful energy.

Iconic medieval structures and Renaissance-style buildings aggrandise the city’s glorious Old Town. A walk around the Old Market Square on your Poznań trip will take you through the architectural and historical charm of the district. You can stop to admire the intricate Poznań Town Hall, the multicoloured Merchants’ Houses and the Baroque-classicist Działyński Palace.

A typical itinerary of Poznań will include a visit to one of Poland’s oldest churches, the Poznań Cathedral, perched on the island of Ostrów Tumski over River Warta. If you’re looking for off-beat activities in the city, you can stop by the Poznań Croissant Museum or head out on a Polish beer tasting tour. To experience the cultural side of the city, you can watch a performance at the Poznań Philharmonic and the Grand Theatre. Standing as a combination of a shopping arcade and art gallery, Stary Browar is another place worth exploring on your visit to Poznań.


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