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Positano Italy

Pastel-hued houses impressed on hills and the serenading sea breeze make Positano a sublime vacation spot in southwestern Italy. Snuggled in the far end of the Amalfi Coast, this resort town unfolds a series of dramatic vistas that lend themselves as backdrops to its seaside restaurants and chic boutiques.

A road trip along the Amalfi Drive is undoubtedly the highlight of a holiday in Positano. Set out on a journey through the 48-kilometer cliff and sea-hugging route, and you'll pass by charming towns and coastal villages. Navigate the hiking trails of the Path of Gods to snap photos from vantage points overlooking the rugged landscapes and gleaming ocean. You can also spend some quiet time at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, whose tiled dome stands out from the stacks of vertical villas.

The best way to explore the splendour of Positano is on foot. Walk the narrow streets, which are chock-full of souvenir and handicraft shops, up to Spiaggia Grande – the main beach of this resort town. Here, you can find a sunbed underneath an umbrella and admire the scenery of the pebbled shores. For a relaxing stroll amid the sea and cliffs, head to Fornillo beach, located a few minutes away.



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