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Porto Seguro
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Porto Seguro Brazil

Porto Seguro will always occupy a significant place in history books: this was where Portuguese explorers first landed in Brazil back in 1500. However, you'll soon find that that is where the historic attraction of this port town in southern Bahia ends. Over the centuries, Porto Seguro has evolved into a touristy resort destination known for its beaches, nightlife and festivals – most notably Carnival.

In Porto Seguro proper, it's all about having a good time. Passarela do Alcool, the city's main strip, literally translates to 'Booze Walkway' and doubles as a street fair occupied by craft carts and street performers throughout the year. During Carnival and New Year's, the streets thrum with even more revellers, which can number in the hundreds of thousands.

Beyond Porto Seguro's party scene, a few historic attractions lie within its city centre, including the 18th-century Museum of Discovery and multiple churches dating back to the 1500s. Stop by the ruins of the Jesuit College, which was originally built in 1551, to see dance and capoeira performances.

One of Porto Seguro's greatest draws lies beyond its shores. Many visitors use Porto Seguro as a jumping-off point for exploring quieter beaches and villages along Bahia's coast, such as Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso. You can also hop in a schooner for a trip out to the Recife de Fora Marine Park where, during diving and snorkelling sessions, you can encounter rare species of fish, turtles and coral.


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