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Port Dickson
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Port Dickson Malaysia

Fondly called ‘PD’ by locals, Port Dickson is a coastal town in Malaysia, located about 90 kilometres south of the capital. It is a popular beach destination, dotted with several resorts along its coast – including the Lexis Hibiscus, laid out in the shape of a flower on the emerald waters.

Port Dickson’s biggest draw is its beaches, with its shores stretching for almost 16 kilometres as far as the tip of Cape Rachado. Teluk Kemang is a lively beach in town that offers plenty of hotels, water sports and recreational facilities. If you prefer a more secluded spot, you can head to Blue Lagoon – a sandy beach framed by the lush forests of Tanjung Tuan. Here, you can go swimming or kayaking in the bay, and even hike through the forest to the Cape Rachado Lighthouse for panoramic views of the unspoiled nature.

Port Dickson is well connected to Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore by highways and roads, with most locals opting to drive to the coastal town. The nearest major airport is Kuala Lumpur International Airport, located 50 kilometres away.


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