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Porec Croatia

Gracing the west coast of Istria, Poreč calls upon hoards of travellers to enjoy an idyllic Croatian summer. Its Mediterranean surroundings of clear coasts and hinterland are accentuated by the rustic charm of old fortifications and buildings.

You can time-travel across centuries with a walk along the cobblestone streets of Poreč’s old town. Make your way to the Temple of Neptune – dating back to the first century – to explore the ruins of an ancient Roman structure dedicated to the god of the sea. One of the main historical highlights of the city is the Euphrasian Basilica, a noteworthy example of Byzantine architecture. At this UNESCO-listed church, you can spend time admiring its striking mosaic floors and walls.

Beyond its antiquated edifices, Poreč is bestowed with an abundance of natural beauty. The city’s proximity to the sea makes it an ideal destination for sunseekers to relax at Zelena Laguna Beach. Deviating a little from its coastal pleasures, is the Baredine Cave – a geomorphologic monument – where you can explore the curious shapes of stalagmites. If you’d like to give your time with nature an adventurous twist, head out on a mountain bike ride along the Parenzana trail.


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