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Poitiers France

Located on the Clain river in France, Poitiers has a rich history that dates back to Roman times. The city is well known for its picturesque centre, which echoes its past with a range of half-timbered houses and religious architecture.

The streets of Poitiers are famously filled with a variety of historical monuments. Dating back to the 11th century, the Notre-Dame la Grande is one of the oldest religious Romanesque landmarks in Europe. Outside, you’ll discover a western facade with biblical scenes playing out in soft gold stone, while inside you’ll find a heavenly decorated interior. There’s also the Baptistère Saint-Jean, a ginger-stoned building that stands as a prime example of Merovingian architecture. Built between the 4th and 5th centuries, it’s one of the oldest existing Christian buildings in France.

Poitiers is packed with exciting things to see and do on holiday. For some art and culture, head to the city’s largest museum, the Musée Sainte-Croix. Here, you’ll find permanent exhibitions on medieval and contemporary art, with everything from sculptures to paintings and vases on display. For some fun outside, check out the Jardin des Plantes de Poitiers, a sprawling park and botanical gardens. You can take a leisurely stroll through the park’s winding pathways and admire the pond and vibrant flower beds, plus there’s a playground for the kids.


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