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Plovdiv Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s second-largest city is also one of Europe’s oldest, with inhabitants settling on Plovdiv’s seven hills from prehistoric times to the present day. Nestled between the Rhodope Mountains and the Balkan Range, the city offers plenty of things to do within its enchanting Old Town and creative district of Kapana.

Strolling through Plovdiv’s Old Town is like going through a time warp, offering a cocktail of culture and architecture from the Age of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Bulgarian Revival. The city’s Roman Theatre is one of the most well-preserved you’ll ever see – so much so that’s still in use almost 2,000 years after it was constructed. Come summertime, the spellbinding opera or theatre performances held here are the hottest ticket in town. The car-free Old Town is filled with many more treasures, such as the Roman Stadium of Philippopolis and 19th-century mansions housing museums and galleries. One of the most popular is the Regional Ethnographic Museum, a former merchant’s house bearing a beautiful baroque sgraffito above its entrance. Inside you’ll discover many relics of Bulgarian folk culture dating back centuries, such as farming tools, clothing and musical instruments. Elsewhere, there are many examples of incredibly diverse religious architecture, such as the Ottoman-era Dzhumaya Mosque and the 4th-century Church of St. Konstantin and Elena.


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