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Peschiera del Garda
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Peschiera del Garda Italy

The tiny Italian village of Peschiera del Garda occupies the southern shores of Lake Garda, but don't let its size fool you. Peschiera was once one of four fortified towns – collectively known as the Quadrilatero – used by the Austrian Empire to control the Lombardy-Venetia region during the 1800s. Today, you'll still find remnants of Peschiera's defensive structures in its UNESCO-listed city centre.

A stroll through Peschiera's town centre will reveal much about its history. At its heart sits the 16th-century Quadrilateral Fortress, which occupies an island in the middle of the Micino river and features sweeping views of its surroundings. The imposing Porta Verona gate and what remains of the old city walls serve as additional signs of the area's Austrian past. For a glimpse even further back in time, check out the town's prehistoric pile-dwelling site, which sits submerged in Lake Garda and dates back to the Bronze Age.

While in Peschiera, don't miss a visit to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino. This baroque church was built in 1514 near the site of a supposed apparition of the Virgin Mary. Inside, you'll be able to take in frescoes, statues and stucco work. Afterwards, relax with a coffee or glass of local Lugana wine in one of the town squares.

Peschiera del Garda's perch on Lake Garda means the water is always within view – and top of mind. Swimming, sailing and waterskiing are popular ways to while away the hot summer days between sightseeing.


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