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Penedo Brazil

Tucked between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Penedo is a quaint village, often called the ‘little Finland of Brazil’ as Finnish settlers had originally set it up. Today, this city is a holiday destination that introduces visitors to Finnish and Brazilian cultures.

For a taste of Finland in the heart of Brazil, head to Pequena Finlandia or 'Little Finland' – a tourist block in the town centre with wooden buildings akin to Finnish architecture. You can learn more about this European nation at the Eva Hilden Museum of Finnish Culture – previously known as the Finnish Museum. For more insights into Penedo's culture, try the local cuisine, explore traditional handicrafts, or spend an afternoon at a Finnish sauna.

Situated right next to Itatiaia National Park, Penedo sits on the doorstep of forest trails, waterfalls and open green spaces. When visiting this Brazilian countryside, make sure to trek to Penedinho peak – one of the highest points in Penedo – to take in panoramic views of the village. After a short hike up the hills, you'll see Cachoeira de Deus – a waterfall gushing down massive rocks in the heart of the forest. You can sit back and relax by the falls or take a quick bath in its clear waters before making your way back.



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