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Palanga Lithuania

Lithuania's busiest summer resort town, Palanga, sits along the shores of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to its long stretch of coastline, it attracts sun-seekers to its immaculate Palanga Beach and the breezy Palanga Pier for scenic views of sand dunes and the turquoise waters.

Palanga’s proximity to the sea is its major draw, but the town also offers other interesting places for you to explore. One of the landmarks worth visiting is the neo-Renaissance-style Tiškevičiai Palace, a 19th-century structure that is surrounded by manicured gardens and rare plants. The palace houses the Palanga Amber Museum, where you can browse through the extensive collection of amber and also buy some jewellery. The premises of the palace also includes the Palanga Botanical Garden, which features a beautiful rose garden and an ancient dune called Birutė's Hill that you can hike up to.

One of the most convenient ways to reach this town is by air. The Palanga International Airport offers direct flights to and from most European cities. International and inter-city buses are also available, along with frequent local bus services from the nearby towns of Klaipeda and Kretinga.


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