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Oslo Norway

Oslo is Europe’s fastest growing capital city, yet also one of the greenest. Picturesque parks abound, local transport is eco-friendly, and the unspoilt islands of Oslofjord are a short boat ride from the main port.

Frogner Park, the city’s largest green space, hosts Oslo City Museum and Vigeland Sculpture Park, where the life work of Norwegian sculptor, Gustav Vigeland is displayed. South of here, the Bygdøy Peninsula boasts the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum, which showcases Viking ships from the ninth century.

The city’s glittering waterfront is lined with trendy restaurants, shops and cafés, as well as Oslo’s iconic, glacier-like centrepiece: the Oslo Opera House. You can take a guided tour of this impressive building, walk across its marble-embellished roof or attend an opera or ballet performance by booking in advance.

The Norwegian capital also marks the start of one of the world’s most photogenic railways. Carved out of hard rock along the slopes of the Hardangervidda plateau, the Bergen Line stretches 371 kilometres from Oslo’s central station to Bergen. Grab a window seat and take in the breathtaking views – from snow-dusted mountains to navy blue fjords so still they appear like mirrors.

Back in Oslo, other highlights include the Royal Palace, the Holmenkollbakken ski-jump hill and the Munch Museum, which houses the famed painter’s ‘The Scream’ amongst other works.


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