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Opatija Croatia

With public gardens, coastal promenades and luxury hotels, the city of Opatija is a Croatian treasure. The historical buildings of Opatija, coupled with green mountains and the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea, make this place a postcard-perfect holiday destination.

Starting from the town centre, you can walk along the Franz-Josef promenade to see the gardens and parks of Opatija, as well as the iconic statue of the ‘Girl with a Seagull’ located right on the waterfront. You can travel back in time at Villa Angiolina, a 19th-century resort house that serves as the Croatian Tourism Museum today. After a day of exploring the town, head over to the American Gardens to see a vast collection of 150 different species of flowers and plants.

The beauty of Opatija lies in its many beaches. Slatina Beach – perhaps the most popular in the city – is located right below the promenade. With clear blue waters and red-roofed buildings dotting the verdant hills nearby, this area looks straight out of a picture. Elsewhere, Tomaševac Beach makes for a great relaxing spot where you can lie down on a lounger and snooze away as the lulling waves crash gently onto the pebbles. And if you're looking for an even quieter experience, then travel a bit farther to the fishing village of Volosko and stop at Črnikovica Beach. A favourite hangout among locals, this beach is ideal for a dip or a swim.


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