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Oaxaca City
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Oaxaca City Mexico

One of Mexico’s multi-faceted travel destinations, Oaxaca City is a melange of cultures, gastronomy and indigenous archeological sites. The city is cradled by the Central Valleys of Oaxaca as it peers over the Sierra Madre mountains.

A good way to begin your adventure in Oaxaca is to explore its famous archeological sites. Head to the UNESCO-listed Monte Alban to see the impressive ruins which belonged to the original Zapotec and Mixtec people. You can make your way to Mitla, one of the most important Mesoamerican sites, to admire the remarkable mosaic fretwork and geometric designs.

The capital of the state of Oaxaca displays a burst of colours with its brightly painted buildings. Amid this vibrancy, you’ll spot a few historical landmarks that are worth a visit, one of them being the Oaxaca Cathedral – the main church of the city. The structure is made of a green volcanic stone with beautiful neoclassical interiors. You can also spend some time at the Templo de Santo Domingo, a baroque church and monastery known for its intricately carved facade.

The local cuisine of Oaxaca City is a major crowd-puller, attracting Mexicans and travellers alike. Some of the dishes you ought to try here include ‘tlayudas’ – a semi-dried tortilla that resembles a pizza, and ‘chapulines’ – fried grasshoppers seasoned with chillies. Before you indulge in a meal, sip on some mezcal. You can also buy some ‘moles’ or sauces made with different ingredients from a local market.


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