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Nottingham UK

The university city of Nottingham is steeped in legend and literature, famous for being the home of folk hero Robin Hood and English poet Lord Byron. You can walk in the footsteps of the beloved fictional character with a theatrical tour of places associated with him, including the Robin Hood Statue, the picturesque Sherwood Forest and England’s oldest inn, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. You can also get a glimpse into Lord Byron’s life with a visit to the 12th-century Newstead Abbey – a sprawling estate boasting 300 acres of parkland – where the Romantic poet lived for a few years.

Nottingham offers a variety of architectural styles across its ancient castles, caves and churches. The medieval Nottingham Castle sits proudly atop a natural rock, featuring hidden caves, wine cellars and dungeons you can explore. You can also make your way through hundreds of ancient criss-crossing caves with a visit to the City of Caves. A symbol of the city’s lacemaking heritage, the neighbourhood of Lace Market is brimming with red brick warehouses and 19th-century industrial architecture, hearkening back to when Nottingham was the heart of the world’s lace industry. The area is also home to the 15th-century St Mary’s Church, featuring an imposing tower, intricately decorated bronze doors and Victorian stained-glass windows.


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