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Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls Canada

Located in Ontario, Niagara Falls is a scenic Canadian city famous for its iconic waterfalls, delicious wines and wartime landmarks.

Visitors come from all over the world to marvel at Niagara Falls, a group of three waterfalls on the Canada-US border. The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls sit on the US side, and are eclipsed only by the size and force of the Horseshoe Falls. A jaw-dropping natural spectacle, Niagara Falls is also a valuable source of hydroelectric power.

Niagara Falls is home to many important historical landmarks including Fort Niagara, which is just a short drive from the city. Built in 1678, the fort has changed hands between French, British and American troops and was influential during the American Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War. Today, it operates as a museum and a site of historical re-enactments.

Thanks to a fertile landscape, the Niagara Falls region is renowned for its delicious wine. If you have time, drive out to the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and visit some of its vineyards. The Konzelmann Estate Winery is a favourite and offers tastings and tours, as well as gorgeous views of Lake Ontario.


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