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Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls USA

One of the most famous attractions in Niagara Falls is its waterfalls, known globally as one of the world’s foremost natural wonders and North America’s largest falls. Straddling the Canadian province of Ontario and American state of New York, Niagara Falls draws tourists from across the globe to see the gigantic natural wonder and experience its beauty up-close with a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist. Alternatively, helicopter and zipline rides are available for daredevils looking to appreciate the magnitude of the site from a new perspective, while calmer routes around the city can be utilised by renting a bike and cycling to nearby wineries and restaurants that overlook the cascading falls.

The first European sighting of Niagara Falls was said to be by French explorer, Samuel de Champlain in 1604 while it was the ecologists of the 19th century who strived to utilise the falls’ hydroelectric power, with over 168,000 cubic metres passing over Niagara across any one minute – the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America. The introduction of the railroads and automotive technology saw an increase in tourists to the area, while the area also became a favoured spot for Victorian adrenaline junkies looking to test their mettle by tightrope-walking across the canyon or even going over the edge in specially-made barrels – an activity now prohibited by law across both sides of the US/Canadian border.


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