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Nha Trang
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Nha Trang Vietnam

The crescent stretch of white and golden beaches along the South Central Coast of Vietnam lure travellers to soak up some sun and swim in the azure waters of this resort city. On your Nha Trang holiday, relax on the powdery sand of Tran Phu Beach after grabbing a drink from one of its bars. You can also climb the stack of rocks at Hon Chong Beach to secure a secluded spot overlooking the sea. Thrill-seekers can enjoy kayaking, snorkelling and jet-skiing at Nhu Tien Beach and Doc Let Beach.

This coastal city is chock full of eateries that lay out a delicious spread of seafood. When travelling in Nha Trang, you can try bún chả cá sứa, a Vietnamese noodle soup with jellyfish or play it safe with the classic phở. Some of the other specialties include bò né – a local beef steak – and nem nướng, a sweet and savoury grilled pork sausage.

Historical pagodas and temples weave together the religious and architectural side of Nha Trang. The red brick walls of the Po Nagar Cham Towers are cemented with stories of a Hindu goddess, whereas the gigantic white Buddha statue of Long Sơn Pagoda watches over the city from atop a hill. Built in Gothic Revival style, the Nha Trang Cathedral is another serene place of worship that you can visit. Steering away from the antiquated structures is the lotus-like Tram Huong Tower gracing the Tran Phu Boulevard with its unique shape and bright orange colour.


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