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New Orleans
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New Orleans USA

Bursting with music, character and a smorgasbord of cultures, if there’s one thing New Orleans promises, it’s a good time. NOLA is home to the legendary Mardi Gras carnival – a parade of colourful revellers donning masks and draped in beads. The city is also regarded as the birthplace of jazz, from street performers belting out top-notch tunes at every corner to the recurring celebration of Jazz Fest attracting thousands every year. Check out a live band at one of the many upscale cocktail lounges on the electric Bourbon Street, or pop into a dive bar for a more casual experience. Whether you’re a jazz lover or not, it’s hard to spend time in New Orleans without grooving to the beat of the city, with music from bars and clubs spilling out into the streets every evening.

Nicknamed ‘The Big Easy’, New Orleans has a laid-back charm about it that offers a welcome contrast to the hectic pace of other popular destinations in the United States. Soak up the city’s atmosphere with a stroll around its French Quarter with a beignet (a French pastry) and a signature cocktail (such as the Sazerac) in hand. Along with the 18th-century architecture, popular sights you’ll see here include the triple-steepled St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square – a hub for local artists and musicians. For a uniquely New Orleans experience, dare to take a voodoo tour covering some of the city’s historic cemeteries, like St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.


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