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My Son
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My Son Vietnam

My Son is an archaeological site located in the Quang Nam province of Vietnam, known for its well-preserved Hindu temples and its historical and cultural significance.

One of the main tourist attractions in My Son is the complex of Hindu temples, which date back to the 4th to the 14th century AD. The temples are built in the Cham architectural style and are dedicated to the worship of the god Shiva. Visitors can explore the many temples, which are decorated with intricate carvings, sculptures, and bas-reliefs.

Another must-see attraction in My Son is the My Son Sanctuary Museum, which is located near the temples and provides an in-depth look into the history, culture and architecture of the Champa Kingdom, which built these temples.

For those interested in history and culture, My Son offers a range of activities such as visiting the traditional villages nearby, where visitors can learn about the daily life of the local people, and their customs and traditions.

My Son is also known for its beautiful natural setting, visitors can take a walk through the lush jungle surrounding the temples, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Overall, My Son is a must-visit destination for those interested in history, culture and archaeology. The well-preserved temples and their intricate carvings, sculptures, and bas-reliefs make it a unique and memorable experience. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered one of the most important and impressive examples of Hindu architecture in Southeast Asia.

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