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Munster Germany

The university city of Münster is one of Germany’s cultural centres, home to medieval architecture like the Münster Cathedral constructed in 1264. Across the city, you’ll find the Schloss Münster, one of Germany’s fine examples of baroque architecture. The city’s Old Town is also popular with tourists and benefits from its post-war renovations, cycle-friendly pathways and student-friendly vibe.

Münster is home to a selection of museums showcasing the best of Germany’s contemporary art and medieval past. Visit Münster’s Cathedral Square to see the Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History, where you’ll find artworks from the Der Blau Reiter and Die Bruck movements. The Muhlenhof Open-Air Museum features recreations of traditional Münster settlements, while the Picasso Museum is a firm favourite, filled with over 800 lithographs from the man himself.

Münster is split into many districts, with the most notable being the area surrounding the Prinzipalmarkt. Here, you’ll find majestic cathedrals and quaint shopping streets. Alternatively, the former industrial centre of Stadthafen that lines the Dortmund-Ems canal is now popular with students, home to delicious delicatessens and modern boutiques, showcasing a contemporary side of the city. The region surrounding the Assee artificial lake is suited to recreational activity, while Downtown Münster is where you’ll find bierkellers and the famous Altes Gasthaus Leve – a restaurant dating back to 1607.


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