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Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ottoman-era monuments are the shining stars in Mostar, one of the most visited cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wherever you roam among Mostar's cobbled streets, you're bound to come across an architectural marvel. Coffee breaks at riverside cafés in the historic centre are a nice way to kick off some local sightseeing.

Mostar is best known for the Stari Most, or 'Old Bridge', that spans the Neretva River in the heart of the Old Town. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the arched bridge was originally built by Ottomans in the 16th century using locally quarried stone and remains a testament to Islamic architectural engineering. The lesser-visited but equally impressive Kriva Cuprija is smaller and older than the Stari Most and arcs over the Radobolja River. To see how Ottomans lived during the 17th century, pay a visit to the Muslibegović House – a former noble residence-turned-hotel and museum furnished with period rugs and antiques.

Sightseeing in Mostar often culminates with a bit of shopping. You're bound to find a suitable souvenir among the jumble of shops, stalls and galleries that comprise the Kujundžiluk Bazaar.

Take a day trip outside Mostar to experience the Bosnian countryside. At Kravice Falls, you can approach the waterfalls by boardwalk as well as have an opportunity to swim when water levels are low. The village of Blagaj is also worth the drive to see its Ottoman-style monastery, which was built at the base of a cliff overlooking a river.


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