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Miedzyzdroje Poland

Międzyzdroje, also known as Misdroy in English, is a seaside resort on the island of Wolin that punches above its weight with its enviable location along the Baltic coast. You’ll find plenty of Poles and travellers flocking to this city during summers to enjoy the pleasantly warm climate, laid back vibe and most of all, its saline and mud baths.

Your holiday to Międzyzdroje is sure to be characterised by dramatic landscapes – from atmospheric beaches interrupted by tall cliffs to lush forests of Woliński National Park filled with the chirping of birds. At the national park, you can explore the network of scenic walking trails, spot the white-tailed eagle and spend some quiet time by any of its post-glacial lakes.

One of the biggest draws of this city is its main beach that welcomes beachgoers to walk barefoot along its sandy shores, play a game of volleyball and partake in some water sports. You can also head to its promenade to admire spectacular seascapes, dine at one of its many restaurants as well as stroll through the Międzyzdroje Walk of Fame that is studded with handprints and plaques for popular Polish celebrities.


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