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Metz France

Located near the France, Germany and Luxembourg border, Metz dates back three thousand years and wears its rich Roman heritage proudly. The city makes for a picturesque holiday destination, thanks to its lush gardens and leafy promenades, as well as its waterside setting on the Moselle and Seille rivers.

Metz is filled with plenty of iconic French monuments, and a visit to the city isn’t complete without taking in the sight of the Metz Cathedral. This Gothic triumph dates back to the 16th-century and features captivating stained glass windows by notable German glassmaker Hermann von M√ľnster, among others. There’s also the Romanesque Basilica of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, one of the oldest churches in Europe which dates back to the fourth century.

Metz features a range of world-class cultural institutions that draw visitors from around the globe year-round. The famous Centre Pompidou-Metz hosts up to four temporary exhibitions per year and is easily spotted thanks to its unique roof structure, inspired by a Chinese hat found in Paris by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. Elsewhere, you can watch opera and theatre performances at the Metz Opera. The stunning neo-classical opera house is one of Europe’s oldest and can seat 750 guests in its gorgeously decorated halls.


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