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Mestre Italy

An Italian commune with parks, historical landmarks and lively squares, Mestre is a scenic retreat known for its designer shops, pizza restaurants and art galleries. This place is a populated urban area, just a few kilometres from the iconic canals of Venice.

Despite being a thriving cosmopolitan, Mestre is peppered with historical squares, buildings and galleries. Piazza Ferretto is a square located near the San Lorenzo cathedral and is surrounded by markets and shops. A walk down this place will give you an idea of the pulse of the Italian commune. You can also take a trip to the museum of M9 and learn about various historical information about Italian culture via informative and entertaining videos.

If you wish to enjoy some alone time with nature, take a walk around the parks of Mestre. San Giuliano, one such green space, is an ideal spot for running, cycling or relaxing after a long day of exploring. Bosco dell'Osellino is a forested area near San Giuliano where you can not only run or cycle, but also take time to learn about the different plant and bird species endemic to the region.


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