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Merzouga Morocco

A tiny village surrounded by majestic sand dunes, Merzouga is one of the best destinations to witness the vastitude of the Sahara. Travellers flock to this far-flung part of Morocco to gain a momentary experience of life in a desert.

The true highlight of a trip to Merzouga is an excursion to Erg Chebbi – monumental sand dunes that rise up to almost 180 metres. You can wrap a headscarf and set out to traverse the golden dunes on the back of a camel. The Berber villages that fall along the way, are like little oases where you could stop for some refreshments and watch the sun bring out the different shades of the sand, from caramel to reddish brown. To make the most of your time in the desert, stay back overnight in a tent, gazing at the countless stars while keeping yourself warm with a campfire.

A holiday in Merzouga is characterised by its proximity to the mighty sand dunes. One of the adventurous ways to explore the desert is on a quad bike. To make use of the curative properties of hot sand, try a sand bath, an ancestral practice used to alleviate back pain and skin problems. If you’re travelling to this village between November and May, head to Lac Dayet Srij – a seasonal lake where you can spot birds like shelducks, desert warblers, sandpipers and more.


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