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Matsumoto Japan

The Japanese city of Matsumoto is nestled in a valley with captivating views of surrounding mountains. Matsumoto attracts visitors from all over the world with its iconic castle, idyllic streets and endearing vistas. It’s also a great stepping-stone to explore the majestic Japanese Alps.

Matsumoto is filled with plenty of historic monuments to visit. Dating back to the 16th-century, Matsumoto Castle is regarded as one of Japan’s finest and features an iconic black-and-white exterior. Listed as a National Treasure of Japan, visitors can climb to the top and take in historical displays and sweeping views on each level. Just a short walk from the castle is Nakamachi-dori, Matsumoto’s old merchant quarter. Nowadays you’ll find a range of traditional warehouses that date back to the Edo period, characterised by white-painted walls.

Matsumoto is home to a range of cultural museums, many of which showcase the region’s influential artists. The Matsumoto City Museum of Art highlights the work of artists associated with the city, with a permanent exhibition dedicated entirely to the work of prized sculpture artist Yayoi Kusama. There’s also the Japan Ukiyo-e Museum, which hosts over 100,000 Japanese woodblock prints and paintings – the world’s largest collection of this traditional art form.



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