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Maragogi Brazil

Maragogi is a tiny coastal town located in northeastern Brazil – a region nicknamed ‘Caribe Brasileño’ or ‘Brazilian Caribbean’ because of its pristine beaches and emerald waters.

The beaches in Maragogi can be found on a long, narrow strip of land that’s framed by tropical rainforests on one end and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The town is located on the Costa dos Corais (Coral Coast), which features 120 kilometres of environmentally protected beaches and mangroves. Its soft, white sands meet crystal-clear waters that offer plenty of opportunities to discover the rich marine biodiversity. The most popular beach here is the Praia de Maragogi, shaded by coconut palms and lined with cafes. You can also hop on a beach buggy to check out the nearby shores of Praia de Antunes and Praia da Barra Grande – named for the long sandbar that emerges and extends into the ocean during low tide.

The most fascinating attraction in Maragogi are the natural pools that are formed about six kilometres off the coast when the tide is out. The brilliant turquoise waters are home to coral reefs and colourful fishes you can get up close with. You’ll need to take a catamaran to get there, after which you can spend a while swimming and snorkelling in the warm waters. The pools of Galés are the best known, but you can also opt for Taocas or Barra Grande if you’re after a more secluded spot.


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