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Mandalay Myanmar

The former seat of the Burmese Royal Family, Mandalay, is the second-largest city in Myanmar after Yangon and is considered to be the birthplace and centre of Burmese culture. Across the city, evidence of its Buddhist faith is visible in its palatial temples, most famously at the Shwe In Bin Monastery and Mandalay Palace – the location of two of the thousands of Buddha statues situated across Mandalay.

During your time in Mandalay, you’ll be able to sample some of the world’s best Burmese cuisine. Head to Zegyo to find food markets serving aromatic street food, fresh fruit and traditional delicacies like tea-leaf salad – a local favourite. Additionally, you’ll also find many street vendors serving traditional Peshawari and Chinese fusion cuisine, showcasing a multicultural element of the city.

There are many historical sites, museums and Buddha statues across Mandalay, most notably on Yankin Hill. Take the ten-minute hike to its summit, where you can feed the deer that reside there and admire the picturesque views. The archaeological ruins of Ta Moke Shwe Gu Gyi and Pinya Stupa are always worth a visit, but it's the buddha of Kyauktawgyi Buddha Temple that is the most impressive – a 900-tonne, 26-foot tall statue said to have taken 10,000 workers to transport. After you’ve seen the Buddhas, wander through the Goldpounders’ District to see Mandalay’s gold leaf artists or walk across the U Bein Bridge – the oldest teak structure in the world.


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