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Mamaia Romania

Set on a thin strip of land that separates Lake Siutghiol from the Black Sea, Mamaia is a lively summertime destination in Romania that attracts beach lovers and partygoers. Its fantastic location gives visitors a picture-postcard view of sunrises over the sea and sunsets into the lake.

Holidays in Mamaia are characterised by its sandy shores and lounge bars. The warm seawater is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. If you simply want to relax, you can read a book, sunbathe or walk barefoot on the soft sand. You’ll find yourself surrounded by beachfront bars, clubs and eateries where you can enjoy a cocktail and some delicious seafood.

The proximity of this seaside resort town to Constanța gives travellers the option to get away from the beach to explore the historical side of Romania. You can also make your way to Techirghiol – a small town situated half an hour away from Mamaia – to pamper yourself with a therapeutic mud treatment that is recommended for skin healing and hydration. If you’re looking for something close by, take a ferry ride to Ovidiu Island that rests on Siutghiol Lake.


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