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Malmo Sweden

Nestled in the far south of Sweden, Malmö is situated along the windy edge of the sea. This coastal city serves as the bustling capital of Skåne County, breathing easy with traditional ‘fika’ breaks at cosy cafés.

Cobblestone streets lead the way to historical buildings that share the city’s skyline with modern towers. When you visit Malmö, you can explore the 14th-century Saint Peter's Church and Renaissance-style Malmö Castle. You’ll see the Turning Torso – a neo-futuristic skyscraper and one of the tallest buildings in Scandinavia – standing in direct contrast to these monuments. Exemplifying the city’s architectural prowess is the Öresund, a versatile railway and motorway bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark.

Nurturing art and culture in every other corner, this city is home to several galleries, museums and theatres. On your Malmö holiday, you can enjoy a show at the Malmö Municipal Theatre and experience the symphony orchestra performing at the Malmö Live Concert Hall. If you set out on a bike ride around this Swedish city, you’ll come across evocative and inspiring graffiti and murals. You can also spend some time browsing through modern classics and experimental artworks at Malmö Konsthall – one of the largest exhibition halls in Europe.


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