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Lublin Poland

Located in southeast Poland, Lublin features a thrilling cultural scene. The city draws visitors from around the globe with its medieval charm and impressive range of historic buildings and world-class museums.

Lublin is home to many national historical attractions. The Lublin Old Town is one of the most precious districts of the country, filled with vibrantly coloured buildings that make for incredibly picturesque photos. The 16th-century Cathedral of St John the Baptist is another highlight and features an exquisitely-decorated interior. Elsewhere, the 12th-century Lublin Castle dominates from its hilltop location. Inside you’ll find the 14th-century Gothic Chapel of the Holy Trinity, home to some of Poland’s finest examples of medieval frescoes.

Visitors can learn all about Lublin’s history and culture at the city’s various museums. The National Museum in Lublin is home to national treasures such as a collection of Polish paintings from the 17th to 20th century and coins and medals from the 10th to the 20th century. There’s also the Majdanek State Museum, a memorial museum and education centre on the grounds of the Majdanek concentration camp. Here, you can take in a collection of rare artifacts and archival photographs from one of World War II’s most significant sites.


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