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Logrono Spain

While the hills of La Rioja are legendary in Spain for their wine-making, the region's capital – a wine town known as Logroño – flies under the radar. That leaves its streets relatively quiet and its restaurants mostly to Spainards, who come to experience uncrowded bars and restaurants and wine country life without the fuss.

Being the capital of one of Spain's best-known wine regions, Logroño has much to offer in the way of wine. The city is rife with traditional underground cellars known as calados, where local vintages are served in vaulted spaces. You needn't head far from the city, either, to explore a full-service winery like Bodegas Campo Viejo, Bodegas Franco Españolas or Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta.

The food is top-notch in Logroño, which is known particularly for its pintxos – bar snacks popularly served throughout Basque country. Calle Laurel is a famous street in Logroño lined with all amounts of tapas and wine bars and has become the spot to sit down for a taste of authentic Riojan cuisine.

Although arguably best known for its wine culture, Logroño is also famously situated along the pilgrimage route to the Camino de Santiago. You'll discover a handful of important religious attractions right in town, including the Santa María de la Redonda Cathedral – a heritage church featuring two ornate towers and Flemish Renaissance art. Romanesque architecture is a highlight at the Church of San Bartolomé, the oldest church in Logroño dating back to the 12th century.


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