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Lodz Poland

The third-largest city of Poland, Łódź, pieces together its prosperous past as a textile hub in the 19th century and its reinvented modern look as a business centre.

The cityscape of Łódź comprises rustic red-brick factories and contemporary high-rises. You can acquaint yourself with the city’s historical charm and lively spirit with a stroll along Piotrkowska Street, a prominent thoroughfare that runs between Liberty Square and Independence Square. You’ll get to see the neo-Renaissance-style palace of Juliusz Heinzel, a 19th-century industrialist and many other eclectic facades lined along your path. You can also head to Ksiezy Mlyn, a factory-residential complex, that was recognised as an urban architectural masterpiece. Standing in direct contrast to these historical landmarks is the Łódź Fabryczna railway station, known for its huge arched canopy made of 10,000 triangular glass panels.

A trip to Łódź is incomplete without a visit to the one-of-a-kind Central Museum of Textiles that traces the journey of art, design and fashion in the region. The city also holds a special place for the creative arts and has been inducted into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. To get insights into the history and technique of Polish filmmaking, make your way to the Cinematography Museum. Walk a few steps and you’ll reach the Leon Schiller National Film School, a renowned institute that has shaped several directors and screenwriters.


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