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Lima Peru

Often overshadowed by its famous neighbour Machu Picchu, the Peruvian capital of Lima offers a wide number of activities and experiences to all those who visit.

If you wish to discover the history of Lima, look no further than the Plaza de Armas. Dotted with trees, this plaza is flanked by important buildings like Lima Cathedral and the Government Palace. The cathedral’s exterior is just a preview of the sheer beauty that you’ll find inside the building. Aisles decorated with paintings and lighted by chandeliers, Lima Cathedral has a museum full of religious art. The Government Palace is the official residence of the president where you can catch the daily changing of the guard ceremony.

Lima is a melting pot of various cultures, the effect of which has given rise to Peru’s fused culinary culture. A gastronomic tour of the city will take you to local restaurants like El Rincon de Bigote, where you can try ceviche (a raw fish dish marinated in lime juice), a Peruvian speciality. Taste some other dishes like the lomo saltado (beef with vegetables and French fries) and Chifa, a Peruvian-Chinese food. If you’re feeling adventurous, try cuy or deep-fried guinea pig.

Lima’s Parque Kennedy is a paradise for feline lovers. Named after the American President, this park is better known as the Cat Park and is home to hundreds of stray cats. Parque de la Exposición boasts sprawling greens and an artificial lagoon where you can enjoy a relaxing ride on a pedal boat.


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