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Leon Spain

Capital of the León province, the Spanish city of León, is a historical city that takes you back straight to Roman times. With ornate cathedrals and fascinating museums on one hand and a vibrant nightlife along with seasonal festivals on the other, León teaches the art of balancing old and new.

A part of the old quarter of León, rightly called the ‘Wet District’, is a lively area with taverns, bars and restaurants. Ideal for pub crawling, this place offers bars like Ginger and Luna 9 where you can explore a multitude of cocktails and tapas options. If you manage to work up an appetite for a meal, do stop at some local restaurants that serve traditional Leonese dishes like sopa de ajo (garlic soup) and croquetas (deep-fried croquettes).

León offers a grand wealth of architecture in the form of cathedrals and churches. A famous site, Santa María de Regla de León Cathedral is a Gothic-styled structure with a stunning exterior. It has stained-glass windows and two spire towers with a central portico. The Convent of San Marcos, a fine example of Renaissance architecture, was originally a pilgrim's hospital and monastery. Today, this building serves as one of the grandest hotels in Spain that includes a church and a museum. The Basilica of San Isidoro of León is a Romanesque-style church built on the site of an ancient Roman temple. Dedicated to Saint Isidore, this place houses a museum that contains medieval manuscripts, jewelled chalices and other precious metals.


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