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Lausanne Switzerland

Lausanne paints a pretty picture with Lake Geneva lapping at its shores and the Savoy Alps hulking in the background. During your trip to this picturesque city in Switzerland, you’ll have a bevy of natural and historical attractions to explore.

Lausanne is renowned for its association with the Olympic Games – the headquarters of the Olympic Committee are located here. And you can explore its rich sports-related heritage at the Olympic Museum. Its lakefront location adds to the charm of this modern museum building that houses interactive exhibitions, centuries-old collections of precious objects, documents and more. Hop over to the magnificent Palais de Rumine for a peek into the cultural and scientific history of the Vaud region of Switzerland. From geology to weaponry, you can browse a number of exhibits at the various museums of this venue.

Lausanne’s medieval roots give the Old Town a distinctive charm. Characterised by narrow alleyways, small shops and cafés, this hilly area is a popular place to see in the city. And towering above the streets of Old Town is the Gothic Lausanne Cathedral, with its iconic stained glass windows and opulent facade.

Travelling in Lausanne is quite convenient, thanks to the plethora of transportation options – tram, metro, boat and bicycle. The automated metro travels both under and above the ground and connects several parts of the city. For intercity travel, head to Lausanne railway station which connects the city to many other regions in Switzerland.


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