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Launceston Australia

As Tasmania’s second largest city, The city of Launceston remains one of Australia’s lesser known cultural centres. Initially settled by the indigenous Letteremairrener people, Launceston was again colonised by European settlers in the 19th century, an influence still visible in the city’s Georgian and Federation-style architecture. Some of its most iconic structures include the Egyptian-styled Launceston Synagogue and the art deco Albert Hall. Since the days of colonialism, the city has undergone many technological changes including the mantle of being the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to use anesthetic, as well as the first in Australia to possess underground sewage systems and make use of hydroelectric power.

During your time in Launceston, there’s many things to see and do from art museums to day trips into the Tasmania Bush. Within the CBD, the Queen Victoria Arts and Cultural Centre is where you’ll find the region’s best art, as well as Tasmania’s only automobile museum. Alternatively, embark on a picturesque hike outside the city centre to Cataract Gorge and Cradle Mountain for views of the region or enjoy a swim in the natural wonders of the South Esk River. Outside the city, is where Launceston truly shines with the Victorian villages of the Tamar River, home to wineries and restaurants overlooking calm waterways and natural scenery.


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