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Las Vegas
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Las Vegas USA

Awash with bright lights and neon signs, Las Vegas is a city of fun, freedom and fabulousness – as its iconic welcome sign promises.

Most of the Sin City’s action is concentrated in the Las Vegas Strip – a stretch of road lined with upscale casinos, Michelin-starred restaurants and legendary hotels. You can try your luck at the fabled casinos or check out a show from Vegas’ enviable lineup – from enchanting Cirque du Soleil acts to top musicians performing at its pulsing clubs.

Vegas resorts are designed as entire worlds of their own, complete with casinos, restaurants, spas, shopping centres and activities unique to their theme. Take a gondola ride on the canals of the Venetian, live like Roman royalty at Caesars Palace or experience mythical Egyptian grandeur at the Luxor Hotel. While it’s tempting to spend the entire holiday exploring your resort, make some time for Bellagio’s dancing fountains and botanical gardens, and head to the Neon Museum for an artsy display of retro signage lit up anew. A spin on the 550-feet tall High Roller will give you a glimpse of the world’s wonders, with replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Giza Pyramid and New York’s skyline dotting the glittering city below.

A fluorescent oasis amidst the Mojave Desert, Vegas is surrounded by mountains and dramatic landscapes offering exhilarating activities and stunning views. Hike up Mount Charleston, zipline over the Bootleg Canyon or simply drive through Red Rock Canyon for a respite from the city’s heady energy.


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