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A Coruna

A Coruna Spain

Located on Spain’s Galician coast, A Coruña is a pleasant seaside city known for its soft-sand beaches, charming medieval quarter and delicious seafood dishes.

There are many tasty seafood dishes to choose from in A Coruña, but one of the most popular is a paella-style rice dish called ‘arroz con carabineros y zamburiñas’ (rice with shrimp and scallops). Wash it down with a cold glass of locally brewed Estella Galacia, one of Spain’s best-loved beers. Other local favourites to sample include fresh mussels, padrón peppers and a mild soft cheese called Arzúa-Ulloa.

One of A Coruña’s biggest draws is its long stretch of sand, known as Praia do Orzán to the east and Praia de Riazor to the west. Easily accessible from the city centre, both beaches are popular for swimmers and surfers.

Looming over the North Atlantic Ocean, the 55-metre-tall Torre de Hércules (Tower of Hercules) is considered to be the oldest operating lighthouse in the world. Built by the Romans in the 2nd century, it can be accessed via a 300-metre uphill walk. Head to the top of the tower for soaring views over the city and the ocean. A Coruña is also home to the prestigious Museum of Science and Technology, located in a striking cube-shaped building called the 'Prisma de Cristal'. Inside, you’ll find Spain’s first computer, the front section of a Boeing 747 and many more technological wonders.


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