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Krakow Poland

Legend has it that Kraków was built on top of a dragon's cave, and there is somewhat of a fairytale aura that surrounds the city, with its sprinkling of charming squares, palaces and cathedrals. Enclosed by forested parkland, the mesmerising old town is home to the Wawel castle hill which overlooks the River Vistula.

Take a deep dive into Kraków's history by visiting one of its National Museum branches (free on Sundays) or the Kraków Historical Museum, including an underground walkway below the current Market Square. The city is also home to Collegium Maius, which aside from being a stellar example of 15th-century Gothic architecture, is also the oldest surviving university building in Poland. You can visit by guided tour and observe age-old astronomic instruments used by former pupil Copernicus.

As Poland's second-largest city, Kraków also has a vibrant nightlife scene, with hundreds of bars hidden down cellars and courtyards from the old town to Kazimierz and beyond. If you're travelling between the end of November and December, you'll also have the opportunity to experience the oldest Christmas market in Poland in the market square.

Located around 14 km of the city is the Wieliczka Salt Mine, an incredible ensemble of pits, chambers and tunnels reaching up to 327 metres underground. You can explore this enticing labyrinth via a tour route covering two kilometres of meandering corridors. There's also the chance to visit the on-site Saltworks Museum, which provides information on the mine's history and its therapeutic properties.


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