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Konstanz Germany

Konstanz is situated in the south-western corner of Germany, right where the Rhine River meets Lake Constance. Naturally, it offers beautiful landscapes that include the Swiss Alps, old lakeside villages and green hills. Beyond its gorgeous sceneries, it is also known for the notable University of Konstanz that welcomes thousands of students, giving the city its young vibe.

When planning a trip to Konstanz, set some time aside to stroll along the winding streets of the Old Town, where you’ll get to spot historical buildings that elegantly line your path. Visit Konstanz Münster – an ancient cathedral – and climb the 193 steps of its tower to get sweeping views of this neighbourhood. You can also see the rustic Town Hall (Rathaus) and stop by one of the quaint eateries and wine caves.

The centrepiece of the city is Lake Constance, offering not just picturesque waterfront vistas but also plenty of activities. You can set out on a relaxing bike ride along the shore of the lake or engage in water sports like windsurfing, paddleboarding and diving. Another enjoyable experience is hiking through the SeeGang trail that will surround you with captivating backdrops.


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