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Koblenz Germany

Straddling the banks of the Rhine and Mosel rivers, Koblenz’s strategic position made it an important trading point for Germany across many centuries. Today, it’s a hotbed of historical sites, including fortresses, castles and palaces, surrounded by the romantic landscape of the Rhine Gorge and Moselle Valley.

Koblenz’s maze of alleyways and streets is dotted with impressive religious architecture, including the beautiful Basilica of St Castor and the 5th-century Liebfrauenkirche. Head to the famous Deutsches Eck (German Corner) to see the spot where the Rhine and Mosel rivers meet. As well as being able to take some epic photos, you’ll be able to observe the monument to Emperor Wilhelm I – a 37-metre-tall equestrian statue of the former king. Take a short stroll along the riverside and you’ll reach the Electoral Palace, an 18th-century building that allows visitors to explore its scenic gardens. Other key buildings to discover include the Prince Elector’s Castle and the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

Be sure to take a ride on the Koblenz cable car while you’re in the city. You’ll take in a spectacular view over the Upper Middle Rhine Valley through one of the car’s panoramic windows. You can also take in the sights from the river aboard a paddle steamer, with the option to hop on and off at key stops along the way. For a deep dive into the city’s history, pay a visit to the ultra-modern Forum Confluentes that houses the Middle Rhine Museum, City Library and interactive Romanticum multimedia exhibition.


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