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Klaipeda Lithuania

A picturesque port city in Lithuania, Klaipėda sits on the coast where the Danė River meets the Baltic Sea. With the cobblestone Theatre Square at its core, the old town is characterised by German-style architecture, half-timbered houses and streets laid out in a grid.

To the south of Klaipėda, the Curonian Spit extends almost 100 kilometres down to Russia. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a thin strip of sand that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. It is home to seaside resort towns, a national park and shifting sand dunes, including the 52-metre-high Parnidis Dune. The Curonian Spit (or Kuršių Nerija) National Park is well worth a visit, featuring its forests, beaches and majestic dune landscapes.

The ruins of Klaipėda Castle date back to the 13th century and offer scenic views of the harbour. Inside, the Castle Museum features exhibits on the city’s history, the Second World War and more. If you’re travelling with kids, the Lithuanian Sea Museum boasts a glass-tunnel aquarium, dolphin shows and pools populated with penguins, seals and sea lions. After a day spent exploring museums, you can unwind with some shopping and dining at Akropolis – a large shopping centre that also houses an ice-skating rink, a casino and a bowling alley.


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