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Killarney Ireland

Located on the shores of Lough Leane in County Kerry, Killarney is a perfect town to soak up Ireland’s history, architecture and landscapes. A popular tourist destination all year round, Killarney welcomes visitors with a warm hospitality and an iconic Irish charm.

Killarney is packed with plenty of historic Irish monuments. There’s St Mary’s Cathedral, a superb example of Gothic revival architecture that has sat just outside the town since 1855. Be sure to check out Killarney House too, a stunning country estate once home to the Earls of Kenmare. Then there’s Ross Castle, a 15th-century tower-house built by the legendary O’Donoghue clan, which today stands as an homage to medieval Ireland.

County Kerry’s lush landscapes are right on Killarney’s doorstep, and few are more majestic than the UNESCO-listed Killarney National Park. Ireland’s first national park is renowned for its sprawling woodlands, towering mountains and native wildlife including red deer. Here, you’ll also find the Lakes of Killarney – three separate bodies of water famous for their natural scenery. With breathtaking views of lakes and forests, the park is understandably one of Ireland’s most visited natural attractions.


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